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ReadyKidSA: For Fathers

A child’s father plays a very important role in the future of that child. Research shows that underlying many of society’s most pressing challenges today is the lack of paternal involvement, and children with more involved fathers experience fewer behavioral problems and score higher on achievement tests.

ReadyKidSA: For Fathers - Local Father Support Programs and Resources

Local Father Support Programs and Resources

Avance – Services to Fathers

Services to Fathers is a component of the Parent-Child Program that addresses the Six Protective Factors that ensure the healthy well being of children and their families. The program promotes a father’s involvement in their child’s development through parenting, early childhood education and support. In addition, couples can learn about anger & stress management, domestic violence prevention, how to express their emotions in a positive manner and be given the support and opportunity to achieve their goals.


The Children’s Shelter – Compadre y Compadre

Compadre Y Compadre® exists to strengthen fathers in their role as caregiver, provider, teacher and hero. Fathers come together in a group setting to build their knowledge and skills, which help develop strong nurturing relationships with their children and family. The program enrolls fathers of all ages – including grandfathers and stepfathers. Upon completion, participants can enroll in the Mentor program and become a Compadre to incoming dads.


San Antonio Fatherhood Campaign

The San Antonio Fatherhood Campaign facilitates the delivery of a broad network of services for disconnected fathers who want to improve their capacity to provide financial and social supports for their children. Activities also assist fathers in overcoming obstacles and barriers that may prohibit them from being the most effective and nurturing parents possible.


Need help now? Fatherhood Hotline: The Fatherhood Campaign has set up a hotline for information and support to families. (210) 227-3463


Supporting Dads

Fathers of children ages 0-17


  • A free, group-based, 12-week virtual class for fathers who want to become more active, engaged dads. Classes include what it means to be a man, productive communication, discipline techniques, managing emotions, case management, and basic needs assistance for baby. English and Spanish sessions available.
  • All fathers who are expecting or parenting a child 0-17 years of age are eligible.

(210) 226-6178

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