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ReadyKidSA: Age 6-8 - Success in Elementary School

Your child’s transition into the elementary school years is a major step in their development. They may begin to show more independence from you and other family members, and start to think about their future. Friendships and being accepted become much more important. Mental skills rapidly develop, you’ll notice as they begin to talk through their thoughts and feelings and show concern for others. This is a critical time to get involved with your child’s school, to meet the teachers and staff, understand their learning goals and how you can work together to help your child succeed.

ReadyKidSA: Age 6-8 - Success in Elementary School - What you Need to Know

What You Need to Know

What school to go to?
San Antonio has a variety of public, private and charter schools. It’s important know the public school district in which you live and the services are offered at your child’s school as well as the alternative options you may have.

Browse Schools and View Ratings


First Day Preparation
Every year, a new first day of school can cause stress for both parents and kids. Being prepared can help make a new school year exciting and positive for everyone.

First Day of School Checklist


Tips for Parents
Helping your child get the most of their early elementary years is a high priority for most parents. These tips deal with areas like communicating with school staff, dealing with problems at school and addressing school discipline.

Learn More


What Kids Can Expect in Each Grade
Here is a great set of videos that describe grade-level expectations in grades K-5 and shows what success looks like in reading, writing and math, grade by grade.

Watch Videos

ReadyKidSA: Age 6-8 - Success in Elementary School - Learning at Home

Learning at Home

Life outside of school is a great opportunity for learning, solidifying what your kids learn in school and discovering new lessons. Success in school depends on learning happening outside of school, too.


Games for Kids and Parents
Games covering all interest areas and target specific age levels. There are “parent-kid challenges,” “homework relief,” and “books on the run” links. Also linked to this site, there is a family education newsletter that helps with school, life, entertainment, and special needs issues.


PBS for Parents
Educational guides, games and stories based on PBS programs. Download the bilingual PBS Parents Play & Learn APP


Reading Help


San Antonio Public Library
This is a great time when children becoming young readers. Check out a variety of activities, programming, and services for school-age children at your local library.


Scholastic for Parents
Provides appropriate guides for helping your child learn to love reading.


Bexar County’s BiblioTech is the first all-digital public library in the US and has actively worked to bridge literacy and technology gaps in San Antonio and surrounding areas by establishing a community presence at the physical locations as well as an online presence through the digital collections and resources. Library membership is free to all Bexar County residents. Access to the digital collection is available 24/7.

ReadyKidSA: Age 6-8 - Success in Elementary School - After-School Activities (free or low-cost)

After-School Activities (free or low-cost)

After School ChallengeList of Sites
The City of San Antonio Department of Human Services (DHS) operates the After School Challenge Program which provides activities, both educationally based and recreational, to youth at 146 school sites during the school year.


Excel Beyond the Bell SA
Excel Beyond the Bell SA ensures that every childwill have access to the Out of School Time enrichment they need to become a healthy, resilient and engaged member of society.

ReadyKidSA: Age 6-8 - Success in Elementary School - Child Care

Child Care

Choosing the right child care option for your family can help make the first year of school successful for everyone. These local options or resources can help you find the right fit.


Child Care Assistance from the City of San Antonio
The Child Care Services Program provides monetary help for child care to an average of 8,200 children per day through more than 750 local child care providers. Child care services are available for both full and part-time care for qualified families. Qualified families may encounter a wait period for service availability. To be eligible for CCS, individuals must meet certain criteria. For more information, check out this page on the City of San Antonio’s website.


Quality Childcare Guide
This downloadable brochure from the Child Care Services program has a list of steps to choosing the right care for your child, plus a checklist on what to look for when deciding whether that child care meets your quality standard. English | Español


Quality Childcare Provider List
This is a comprehensive list of Quality Child Care Providers in the San Antonio area from Workforce Solutions Alamo, including address, contact information and accreditations.


Texas Workforce Commission: Texas Child Care Solutions

Developed by the Texas Workforce Commission, the purpose of Texas Child Care Solutions is so provide parents access to accurate and consistent information to assist them in making informed choices to meet their child care needs. Learn More >

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