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ReadyKidSA: Age 4-5 - Getting ready for Kindergarten

Getting your child ready for kindergarten is a big step. A child’s performance in kindergarten will inform much of their future performance in elementary school and beyond. Because there is no one right list that works for every family, here are some great tips for getting your child ready.

ReadyKidSA: Age 4-5 - Getting ready for Kindergarten - Get the Family Ready

Get the Family Ready

Kindergarten Readiness Checklist
Kindergarten Readiness Checklist with PBS KIDS resources to help build skills for a strong start in school. For more Back to School resources check out PBS Learning Media’s Back to School Collection & this Back to School Planner and Checklist. Daniel Tiger also has great transition songs, videos, and activities for children to adapt to school.


6 Steps to Get Your Family Ready
This helpful list from the Urban Child Institute has simple and powerful steps to ensuring that your child – and your family – is ready for kindergarten.


  • Get Familiar with Your School
  • Start Your Routine Early
  • Set “At Home” Ground Rules
  • Designate a Workspace
  • Encourage Your Child to Ask Questions
  • Teach the Importance of Sharing and Listening


Get Ready for Kindergarten
For tips from veteran principals on easing first-day stress and preparing for success, check out this article from

ReadyKidSA: Age 4-5 - Getting ready for Kindergarten - Start Learning Early

Start Learning Early

Kindergarten: What Your Child Should Know
Here’s another good checklist by about what your child should know to be ready for Kindergarten.


Get Ready to Read has a variety of activities for teachers and parents to do with kids. The downloadable handouts on this page can help you begin the skill development necessary for successful learning. You can also sign up for free activity cards and other resources.


Preschool Activities to Do With Your Child has fun activities and games you can do with your preschooler to get ready for kindergarten including crafts, counting practice, easy science experiments, and art projects.

ReadyKidSA: Age 4-5 - Getting ready for Kindergarten - Choosing a School

Choosing a School and Considering Your Child’s Needs

One important step to preparing for kindergarten is deciding what school will be best for your child. This resource from can help know what to consider, your child’s needs, and how to find the right fit.
ReadyKidSA: Age 4-5 - Getting ready for Kindergarten - Child Care

Child Care

Choosing the right child care option for your family can help make the first year of school successful for everyone. These local options or resources can help you find the right fit.


Child Care Assistance from the City of San Antonio
The Child Care Services Program provides monetary help for child care to an average of 8,200 children per day through more than 750 local child care providers. Child care services are available for both full and part-time care for qualified families. Qualified families may encounter a wait period for service availability. To be eligible for CCS, individuals must meet certain criteria. For more information, check out this page on the City of San Antonio’s website.


Quality Childcare Guide
This downloadable brochure from the Child Care Services program has a list of steps to choosing the right care for your child, plus a checklist on what to look for when deciding whether that child care meets your quality standard. English | Español


Quality Childcare Provider List
This is a comprehensive list of Quality Child Care Providers in the San Antonio area from Workforce Solutions Alamo, including address, contact information and accreditations.


Texas Workforce Commission: Texas Child Care Solutions

Developed by the Texas Workforce Commission, the purpose of Texas Child Care Solutions is so provide parents access to accurate and consistent information to assist them in making informed choices to meet their child care needs. Learn More >

ReadyKidSA: Age 4-5 - Getting ready for Kindergarten - Preschool Providers

Preschool Providers (free or low-cost)

Find Preschool Near You

Enrolling your child in pre-school is an important step in preparing them for kindergarten. Click here to find a free or low-cost pre-school provider near you.


What is Head Start?

Head Start is a federal program that promotes the school readiness of children through age 5 from low-income families by enhancing their cognitive, social and emotional development. For contact information of local Head Start providers, click here.


Pre-K 4 SA

Pre-K 4 SA is a full-day prekindergarten program that also offers free afterschool care until 6:00 p.m. The program is highlighted by experienced teachers, high quality curriculum, and bilingual education options. Students are provided healthy and delicious meals including breakfast, lunch, and snacks at no extra cost and transportation is also available. To learn more, click here. To find out about eligibility and enrollment, click here.



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