Child Safety


How do I stay informed about child safety?

Kids are going to fall, crash, slip and tumble. It’s all part of being a kid. But there are little things we can all do to ensure that kids avoid more serious injuries. Here is a go-to source from for child safety information on a variety of topics.


Texas-based Safety Tips and Resources

The Department of Family and Protective Services provides information on child safety ranging from sleeping and water safety tips to how to report child abuse and neglect.


How do I make my house healthy and safe for children?

Check out this list of tips for making your home child-safe.

  •  Guard against Scalding
  •  Watch out for Windows
  •  Foil Other Falls
  •  Renovate Carefully
  •  Test for Radon
  •  Be Prepared for Fire
  •  Monitor Carbon Monoxide
  •  Ban Bugs Safely
  •  Avoid Allergens and Irritants
  •  Lock Up Poisonous Products

First Aid and Safety Guidelines

Local First Aid and CPR training