Diapers, food and car seats… oh my! Your baby is on its way and taking time to prepare for this incredible time will make the experience more enjoyable. Some important things to consider for you and your family when getting ready for your baby’s arrival:

  • Learn about the birth process,
  • Find a doctor for your baby,
  • Understand your workplace’s parental leave policies,
  • Make sure you and your partner are on the same page in terms of raising a baby,
  • Prepare your pets,
  • Stock up on essentials like diaper supplies, clothes and baby gear,
  • Have a plan in place for who will support you during the baby’s first weeks and childcare if you will be returning to work.

Don’t feel overwhelmed by this list, becoming a parent usually means that your life will change but it’s all in a positive way.

Major Milestones

There are many things to do and prepare before your little one gets home. Major milestones include:

Week 1-8

  • Research insurance—how does it deal with pregnancy and children?
  • Create some sort of financial plan to include parental leave and basic needs for baby
  • First prenatal check-up between week 4-8

Week 9-16

  • Share the exciting news with family and friends
  • Start planning your maternity leave
  • Go to your doctor’s visit

Week 17-20

  • Find out the baby’s sex
  • Hear your baby’s heartbeat
  • Feel your little one’s first kick
  • Watch your belly start to grow

Week 21-28

  • Find a pediatrician
  • Register for birth classes
  • If using a Doula, begin to hold interviews
  • Prepare baby nursery
  • Register for shower gifts

Week 29-36

  • Make a birth plan
  • Buy any baby items still needed
  • Put car seat in vehicle and pack hospital bag
  • Last day of work if you work outside the home
  • Last week to fly safely at week 35


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